Manfred Rave, born and raised in Cologne,

studied painting and communication design, with focus on photo design

at the University of Essen, formerly Folkwang Univeristy.

During his studies he set up his own studio for advertising photography.

Later he taught at the University of Essen, Department of Photography. Manfred Rave

is a professional member of the BFF,  Association of Freelance Photo Designers.


Today he lives and works in Cologne. Manfred Rave specializes in food  and still life photography.

His works reflects his love for orchestration and his clear eye for detail.

Nothing is unnecessary or even random. Lighting and composition are of central

importance to him. Ultimately, the right idea determines the quality of the

photograph, not the technical implementation.


For Manfred Rave, applied and free, artistic photograpy, not two different disciplines,

but two areas that belong together and enrich each other.


 Manfred Rave loves to work out of his spacious ground floor studio,

right in the center of the city of Cologne.

He uses flashlight, but is eaqually happy to work with daylight.

A full kitchen and a large amount of props and backgrounds complete the studio facilities.


Despite COVID-19, we still provide full service working remotly,

get in touch with us for more info.





Shortlisted   2019,  the last 10

lürzer´s archive



09/2011                                soWhat Gallery Düsseldorf

10/2011                                Art Fair/Blooom Köln

09/2012                                Int. Photoszene Köln

12/2012                                soWhat Gallery Düsseldorf

06/2017                                BFF Photoweeks Stuttgart

09/2017                                BFF Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig

10/2018                                BFF Triebwerk/Kesselhaus Berlin


05.06. - 30.06.2019          Food Photo Festival in Velje, DK


06.06. - 22.06.2019          BFF, 50 Jahre - "Your Signature - das bleibt", Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

08.08. - 18.08.2019          BFF, 50 Jahre - "Your Signature - das bleibt", X-Lane by Natulis Group AG, Berlin

20.09. - 29.09.2019          BFF, 50 Jahre - "Your Signatue - das bleibt", Oberhafen Quartier, Hamburg


25.10.-29.10.2019             Kapa Photo Festival 2019/ Seoul, South Korea 

                                                  Korean Advertising photographers Assiociation


13.09.-15.09.2020             Foodexpo, Hernig, Dänemark


30.10.-01.11.2020             BFF, FRAGILE - Zustandsbestimmung einer Gesellschaft, Alte Aufzugsfabrik, Köln


16.11.-30.11.2020            Kapa Photo Festival 2020/ Seoul, South Korea 

                                                  Korean Advertising photographers Assiociation




Acqua Morelli I Aldi Süd I  Aventis I Bayer AG I Boehringer I Burger King I Citroen I Costa Coffee I

Deutz AG IDr. Scheller Cosmetics I Ford I Gaffel Kölsch I Giesler Kölsch I Hoechst AG I Kamps I

Kaufhof I Köln Messe I Stadt Köln I Langnese I Mercedes I Pfeiffer&Langen I Rational AG I Stadtsparkasse I

Schmeetz I Twintec AG I Tumi I Zanders